Message Stone
A Quest Into Nazi Spiritual Realities

Steven Otto Guth

What happened in the German Nazi time?


The truth has been hidden behind a wall of propaganda. How did the German Nation get itself into such a horrible mess?

Using a mythical Message Stone, the Author is able to penetrate events that unfolded at significant Nazi sites. He discusses what unfolds; in conversations with German informants and his Chinese partner.

The book moves from the factual to spiritual as the Author develops a deeper understanding of his personal quest “How did the Nazi time happen and why did it happen so quickly?”

The book is printed in German

but is presently only available in English as a free eBook (on this site and others) and a paid-for bigher-definition version (here, $2.50).

The first book in the series Message Stone the Legacy is printed in English and German versions (click here for purchase information). It explores the power of the Message Stone and its use in initiation ritual.

A third Message Stone book is in preparation. Set in the Cognac valley of France, it explores the ecological/spiritual culture of the Neolithic Dolmen builders … drawing parallels between Aboriginal ways and emerging concepts of deep ecology.





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Extracts from the English pdf eBook Message Stone (The Quest)

The pdf eBook has 55,000 words in 156 pages with 136 photos taken by Steven, Kathrine and friends.

Chapter 2

"Oh, much more than that, she was Aryan and pretty. Here look at her Passport, a genuine Nazi one — see their symbol, the eagle on the swastika. And look here, they gave her hair colour as ‘blond’ and her eyes as ‘blau’, that’s blue in German."

 "And your father was Jewish, I know that too. So what — I am Chinese, you're European, what's the big deal?"

 "The deal, as I'll start to explain, was the difference between life and death for millions."

 "Your father escaped — is that the right word?"

Chapter 4

“This is Rome — after all what is time,  what are two thousand years? Look, even this old church building stands on Roman foundation stones. You stepped through the trap door under the church and visited Roman times."

 "Are you saying that Roman ways were the building blocks, the spiritual foundations, for the Nazi time?"

 "Yes," Stefan answered with enthusiasm in his voice ... adding after a slight pause, "But I do have a puzzle – a question – 'did the Nazis use the old Roman ideas, or did old ideas use the Nazis.’"

Chapter  5

"Because Hitler wanted to feel good, to feel like a god ... the same as any drug user."

After a pause Marcus commented, "Himmler was cunning, wise, heartless. A plotter, with a huge memory for details. He was head of the feared Gestapo, the secret police – and he had a million men under his control – inspired by his mysticism, death heads rings, oaths, rituals. He was a very dangerous cat."

"That is a lot to take in," said Steven. "Why haven't I heard it before?"

"Because people believe in the Fuhrer propaganda myth. It is convenient to do so,  yes?"

Chapter 6

"I'm afraid it is true," said Georg, in a slow, calming voice, "The official figures are kept low by not including Polish peasants or the soldiers killed on Polish soil. The big war, the real Second World War was in Poland and Russia. You know, even before the war started Stalin had murdered 20 million people. We Germans had a good reason to fear the Communists."

In a slow soft voice Kathrine said, "A million in Auschwitz, that's ten percent of the total, all in one small spot — the vibes must be ... " Kathrine let the words hang in the air as a plate stacked high with potatoes was placed in front of her, it smelt of onions.

Chapter 7

Steven said firmly, "Quick, tell me how did the type nine UFO engine work?"

Wilhelm spoke quickly, emotionlessly, "Two centrifugal discs spinning in opposite directions. In the middle active radium gas, pressure, torsion between spins gives zero point vortex. Neutrons spray everywhere. Kills quickly. Huge power needs. Die Glocke used electricity. The Haunebu Kresiel used twelve motors. I saw it broken at Roswell. I was there with father and Dr Werner. Neutrons everywhere, very dangerous, many died there. Father was glad."

Chapter 8

"You know, the house where Hitler was born looks just like the others in the street, no menace in it at all, and the street is filled with light, let's keep walking for a while."

About a hundred meters later, in front of a Doener kebab shop, Steven commented, "It ends here — the good vibes go about 100 metres in either direction.

"It's an angelic presence," said Kathrine as the pair returned to the house with its inscribed stone...

Steven, picking up his thoughts, "Just like at Auschwitz, good people have done the same sort of work here. I wonder who – I really do – did this. The site has been made sacred — amazing ... look, directly opposite is a health food shop."

Chapter 9

Steven tried a new hold on the Message Stone. Suddenly he heard, "Bravo, Eva, Bravo" in deep German. Steven checked, it was a real voice from the waiter next to the wall — he was in a time warp and 'Eva' was Eva Braun.
Steven focused his mind towards the waiter, he sensed that the man would soon be dead. Worms were coming out of the body, staring out through his eye sockets. Horrible, he was full of elemental beings, like dead bodies in a grave yard. Terrible!

Steven with his hand still tightly around the Stone tried to relax. He felt elemental beings chewing into his legs, horrid.

Still in the time warp Steven let his mind sense its way around the room. The space under the tables was full of weaving, horrid things, they were racing between people's legs.

Steven's body screamed, "Get out, get out, get away." But Steven continued to sit and held on tightly onto the stone, "Help," his body screamed, “get away…”

Chapter 10

"Which brings up the Jews," said Alfred, "In the 1920s when the early Nazis met in the 'Bratwurstgloeckel' they concluded that all the problems in German were the results of the Jews. The Jews were responsible for Germany's economic chaos, through their Banks. And even more importantly, the Jews carried the Jewish Folk Soul, “a parasite that was eating out the heart of the German nation.”"

Steven looked down at the stream that flowed past, "So to save Germany to let the Nation reach its full potential, the potential offered by the Time Spirit, the Jewish parasites had to be removed. Alive or dead, one way or the other! And then finally the Nazi intent triumphed.

Chapter 12

Kathrine read on, "During the Nazi regime, the memory of Henry the First became a cult, as Heinrich Himmler saw himself as the reincarnation of the "most German of all German" rulers ... the monastery was a shrine for Nazi Germany."

"That's why Himmler came here, to collect power from an active ghost and a thousand years of prayer directed towards his soul – I believe in reincarnation, don't look so surprised – but what I can't understand is why he bothered with the whole operatic ritual on King Henry’s death day for 5 years in a row."

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Chapter 13

Alfred dropped his shoulders a little, "Look, it really is very simple. The Nazis were working at breeding the new man – the Aryan superman, we all know that. But what is forgotten is that they used drugs to make men into supermen – spiritually and physically. They used amphetamines to win the 1936 Berlin Olympics. At first they didn't realize that how badly amphetamine affects people's judgment. In time cocaine and amphetamine make for immorality, senseless rage, and hate."

"Your mother would have used Pervtin pills, the trade name for amphetamine, it was called the “The energy vitamin”. Shops sold it like cigarettes. It was fed in the millions and millions of doses to soldiers. It explains – but does not excuse – the senseless brutality of Nazi Germany. Take enough amphetamine and you lose control your mind."


Chapter 14

Steven translated for Kathrine, "The guide says Himmler and his  12 Supreme Leaders held their discussions here seated like knights at the round table ... wait a minute there is more ... and that Himmler is recorded as having visited here at Wewelsburg castle nineteen times from 1933 . .. but I don't think that the guide trusts that figure ... and Alfred just told me that the echoes in here make conversation impossible — and certainly seems the case."

Alfred spoke into Steven's ear, "This room was only for speaking Mantras. I have been lead to believe that Himmler was copying Steiner's First Class initiation system. I have recited a Mantra in here and the effect was great. Mantras and the tower room were made for each other."


Chapter 15

Steven found a tree near Abraham the Jew’s 15th Century gravestone , hunched up against it, opened the tin, held the Message Stone in his left hand and switched on the recorder...

"There is a strong thin vortex in front of the grave, narrow, like a cypress tree, it disappears far up in the sky. I will shut my eyes, relax and try to reach into it."

"I am in a boat in a storm, a small ship, Greek perhaps. I wonder if I am going to die. I feel the boat swinging around ... it shoots off like a bag in a wind gust."

"It is long ago. I feel I’m a Rabbi, half my age, the wind is pushing me around."

"Jews are the chosen people."


"It's not that god has chosen them for extra protection or love. It is about their need to disperse. To be pollen that goes out to other cultures and places ... Jews are a renewing force for the world's cultures. The Jewish experience is to be pushed out to fertilize the world ... culturally and genetically ... to bring the possibility of new links to new gods so that the world can be enriched with new ideas."

"So the Jews are chosen to work, not to be blessed."

"The Nazis tuned themselves to the old forces, to the gods of the underworlds. They hated the Jewish need to work with the new – in art, in music, in economics, in science, in religion. Marx was a Jew and so was Christ – the Nazis hated both."

"The Nazis pushed out the Jews. And the Jews were pulled by their fate to spread their pollen of new ideas around the world."

"... That's why it happened so quickly. The 'choosiness' of the Jews was unraveling in Austria and Germany moving forward in art, in science, in politics ... Everywhere, while the Nazis were working their way back to the Ancient Roman Empire — and releasing the forces of the underworlds."

"The Nazis and the Jews were like oil and water ..."

Kathrine came and touched Steven on the shoulder. She said, "It's very wet. It is time to leave, enough is enough ... winter is coming" 

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Steven O. Guth – Message Stone The Legacy – an extract from the publisher's website (

guth message stone

Click here to go to the publisher's German website "Guth, Steven Otto - Message Stone. Teil zwei: Die Queste"


 Steven Guth has published 13 books. This is his first „Faction“. After studying social psychology he worked for two Australian Universities as a community developer for Aboriginal groups. Steven lives in a multicultural situation. He has a lifelong interest in cultural and religious conceptualisation.
He lives with Kathrine, two sons and four grandchildren at Galong, a village in the hinterland of Canberra.
Steven enjoys driving around the bush in his old Mercedes.

„Message Stone“ focuses on a sacred stone that was given to me. The stone opens up time and space. This reflects Aboriginal culture with its Churinga stones.
Every site around in Australia - and there were thousands upon thousands - had a Churinga attached to it. If you had ownership of the Churinga you could ‚Dream‘ the site ... that means that you could access the spiritual forces and ‚Beings‘ that were attached to the location.
And my stone, my ‚Message Stone‘, is similar to a Churinga stone but is not linked to any site. It is a universal ‚dreaming stone‘. The concepts in the book are accurate. I describe deep levels of Aboriginal culture.

136 pages


ISBN 978-3941848-09-2





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