Some Hitler sketches.



Presumably from when he was at School in Linz. The Roman soldier has his arm raised in the 'Ave' salute. This is how Romans greeted each other.  The Nazi used the same gesture in a forceful way. They changed 'greetings' to 'Blessings to Hitler'. In some magic ritual systems the gesture invokes the underworld.


In the German book Steven writes about his experiences with the frightening entities the Nazi invoked from the underworlds.







Roman concepts underlay much of what the Nazi's believed, thought and did. Roman times were close in Nazi Germany. Children learnt Latin in school. Hitler's birth house in Braunau is situated on the edge of the Roman road that linked the ancient Roman settlement to Rome. 
















Roman legions had eagles not swastikas on their regimental banners 









Another Hitler sketch from his School years. Drawn in 1900 when he was 11 years old. Note the signature.


Hitler had planned to become an artist. But was rejected from the art school for a lack of talent.




























A cut from another Adolf Hitler painting. Urban landscapes were a favourite theme.





















'Hitler' is photographed inspecting bomb damage.  Steven thinks that the 'Hitler' in this photograph is a 'double' - a look alike actor.  The real Hitler when he travelled though bomb damaged suburbs did so with the curtains drawn on his railway carriage or limousine.


The question of Hitler's doubles has never been fully explored. But there continue to be doubts about the suicide death of Hitler in the Berlin bunker.  Steven adds yet another theory in his book.





























The fountain at Miriam's house.



It comes from an old Roman Diana spring.


It has flowed continuously for many thousands of years.


Steven drank deeply from the well before the journey to Poland commenced.






































And Auschwitz camp, deep inside Poland was not as bad as Steven had feared.


















Steven walked the Auschwitz site with the Message Stone tin his hand. He sat in the ruined gas chambers.  Puzzled over the million dead and was able write about his experiences later.


The key, is the Angel of love that hovers over the Auschwitz site, influencing all













The Nazis march through Paris in October 1940. Hitler, never one to miss a photo opp, is in the white raincoat in the centre right.








A different sort of March. The Death March from German concentration camps (like Mittelbau - Dora) which the American forces were soon to overrun deeper into Germany. The real purpose of the Death March has never been clear to Steven. The poster gives the route and says, "Over 3,500 were murdered by the SS." Himmler's SS ran the camps as a business, selling out labour to German industry and making a profit on the business. Towards the end of the war very few Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, or Seven Day Adventist were left and most slave labourers came from Poland. Like the Romans  who the Nazis emulated, slaves were an important community.