P1100680MS Books  Roseline  interview transcript


S:  Can you tell me a bit about yourself?


R:  As a start of my interview with you?


S: Yes, it will help me understand where you are coming from.


R: I come from Belgium, you know that!  I speak Flemish (Dutch), French, English and German. I've been living in Australia for 13 years, and I've become interested in the indigenous culture - so your first book helped me here.


Your second book, about war time Germany. I don't know what to feel. My mother was in the Resistance' against the Nazis. While living in Europe, I worked for 3 years as an executive in Germany (Düsseldorf) for a French fishing company.


S: So do you have a love or a hate relationship with Germany?


R: Both. I have German friends, but the atrocities of the camps, who can love that?


Is that enough? Now let's talk about your books.


S: Did you like them?


R: Yes, very much, but I do have some questions.


S: Sure, shoot away.


glastob cave & Taralga church 020R: First tell me a bit about the back ground. What was on your mind when you wrote them?


S: The first one, "Message Stone" focuses on a scared stone that was given to me. The stone opens up time and space. This reflects Aboriginal culture with its Churinga stones.



At every site around Australia - and there were thousands upon thousands - had a Churinga attached to it. If you had ownership of the Churinga you could 'Dream' the site ... that means that you could access the spiritual forces and 'Beings' that were attached to the location.










museum and folk festival 001



And my stone, my 'Message Stone', is similar to a Churinga stone but is not linked to any site. It is a universal 'dreaming stone'.












glastob cave & Taralga church 028-1R: In your first book you describe how you discover the stone's value and how you were shown the way to use it by an Aboriginal man. Did all that you describe really happen?



S: Yes and No...


R: Yes and no ... what?


S: Let me put it this way. The concepts that I use are real. The second "Message Stone" book, the one set in Nazi Germany is very real. The stone did give me access to the "Dreaming" and the "Beings" that still reside at the major Nazi sites.







image1-2Hitler and his people understood the power of the new media - Radio.


When Hitler gave a speech all of Germany heard it.


From the remotest village to the Cafes in the big cities.


The poster tells the truth, "All Germany hears the Fuhrer."













R: And they were as you described them?


S: Yes.


R: Back to book one, the one about Australia.


S: Yes, the concepts in there are accurate. I describe deep levels of Aboriginal culture - these are hidden just under the surface of the material. You may need to read the books twice to discover what I've put in there.


And I've put in some drama to make it more readable. Both books are written as conversations - in discrete chapters that interconnect to build up the story


R: I certainly found the first book readable, hard to put down.


S: Others have said the same thing.


R: Tell me more about the second book.









And those gestures Hitler made.


When you look at modern video clips of his speeches who think, "How strange, how exaggerated." But these gestures were for the crowd, for hundreds of thousand of people.


Hitler practiced them. These photos show him learning in the early 1920's. He went to a photographer, put a speech on the gramophone and worked at illustrating his words with gestures. The pictures helped him develop his technique 













S: I take the stone with me to Nazi Germany and investigate the time/space events that happened in the Nazi period at different locations - Hitler's birth place ... I go to Himmler's sacred castle ... and so on. With the help of the 'Stone' I explore the place energies that are there. Then I weave the tale what happened in Nazi Germany around my mediational insights.


R: What I really like about the books is that you put in photographs of where you were and so it is easy to visualise what you describe. You describe your experiences in Germany... was it scary at times?


S: Yes! There is no doubt that Himmler's magic castle; with its special room which was to become the centre of Germany was a very scary place. But other places - like Auschwitz, or Hitler's birth house were fine.


R: Oh...?


S: Yes. I think this is because people have prayed over them, people of all religions - from Jewish to Islamic, from Buddhist to Atheist have put their in love into the location ... and have succeeded. I went to another concentration camp, Dora-Mittenbuch, a small work camp off the tourist route and it was terrible, absolutely terrible - I couldn't get away fast enough ... the work hadn't been done.







Hitler' was born in this house. In the Nazi years it was 'National Shrine' now it is sheltered workshop. Steven visited it in his journey and wrote about his impressions. The Nazi energies have been replaced by a healing angel created by prayer.






















From the Museum display at Dora camp. A model of the six man gallows used at the camp. And an illustration showing how uncooperative workers were gagged and hung.

The hanging witches are from a tourist display in the nearby Hartz Mountains.











Also from a Dora Museum display.


How Jewish possessions - houses, bikes, sewing machines, jewels, ski equipment, locked up money, factories ... all can become useful possessions to the people of the Nation.  How?


The simple answer is provided towards the end of the arrow. Get the Jews to leave their homes.
















And, of course, the Nazi railway system can provide the needed transport!  On display at Dora was a truck, one of many, specially built to transport people to camps like Dora and Auschwitz. The sliding door in the middle was still padlocked.  Steven experienced his family history flashing before his mind. He couldn't get himself to write about the Dora camp. Auschwitz, yes, but not Dora.









R: Do you give any solution in your book, a way to clear the energies of a place?


S: No, I'm not that sure that I'm competent at this. Obviously there are others who are extremely competent at clearing these old energies ... the 'angels' over Auschwitz and Hitler's birth place are successful.


.... I think of these as angels, as large 'light beings' that hold these locations inside their form. It's an amazing experience to be 'inside' these beings and sense their concern, softness and love.


No, clearing is not my thing. My message is different. I give a hidden warning that the Nazi energies are still ongoing. Spiritual forms that were conjured from within the earth and hidden inside the Nazi regime are still here, now, hidden inside our world.


To put it succinctly; clearing paints over a site, it doesn't solve the underlying problems. The Nazis planned for a thousand years ... and we are still well within that thousand years.


R: That's right...


S: The Nazis may have lost the first battle but, boy, that doesn't mean that all the Nazi ideas, forms and spiritual forces have disappeared.


R: ... something to think about.


S: Yes.


R: We spoke before the interview about important drugs were in Nazi Germany - and how important drugs were everywhere at the time.











The photo comes from the Wartime German propaganda magazine "Signal".


The caption reads, "The marvellous marching feats of the German infantry - as much as 45 miles in a day - have brought London's optimistic hopes crashing to the ground the endless Russian landscape is not beyond the powers of the German soldier ... Nothing can break the determination with which the German soldier forces his way forward."


To which Steven adds, amphetamines were given in millions of doses to German soldiers. Steven writes about the role of drugs in the immorality of the Nazi regime.  












S: Well, Hitler was probably a daily amphetamine user by 1936 - amphetamines were used in the Berlin Olympics. And certainly by '38 he was a daily user. By the early '40's he was starting to fall apart. By '44 Hitler had 'fallen apart'.


This is not allowed for in our political history. Although Hitler ended up a madman - simply because of drugs - at first he was an extremely skilled politician ... make no mistake about that. He made one Germany out of a massively divided Germany. He coped with the decayed feudalism, the industrialists, the communists and he got himself elected in such a way that by '34 he could become dictator of German ... and Germany was a truly democratic country with 300 princedoms. Germans are not a stupid or uneducated people, they would never have voted in a madman.









In the early 1920's Hitler - here wearing a leather helmet - travelled Germany and spoke to the people. Hitler worked to understand Germany's issues from the ground up.












When I discuss this with people from America, England or Australia they are appalled to hear it. Yet when I discuss this with older Germans they are content, because they know that all of Germany didn't suddenly become mad in 1923.


The Germans were "done over". And if we are talking about a message in the book ... it is that we are still getting 'done over' and that modern drugs usage contributes to this.


R: Is all this still an issue today?


S: I believe so. Certainly with the American underclass, drugs contribute to being unable to function cohesively or to look rationally at the situation.


Yes, between drugs and media ... and make no mistake, the Germans had total media control ... more than today with the internet but our daily 'emotional' TV news places us in a similar position ... this is part of the hidden message in the second book.


R: I think you will give readers a lot to think about with what you have just said.


I think it is fascinating what you could see and feel when you were at the Nazi German sites; you have given a lot with your two books.


S: We'll see if they become part of the popular culture.


Books like mine, if they arrive at the right place at the right time, can become immensely successful. Look at "Mutant Message Down Under" or the "Celestine Prophecy". These were not well written, they didn't excite the intellect but they became extremely popular. Why? Because they carried a message for their time.






The map of the world comes from the German propaganda Magazine "Signal". There was an English version that went to the Channel Islands. The map accompanied a 1940's article "Roosevelt - Emperor of the world ?" In the light of Toughill's recent book "A World to Gain"  the map showed incredible understanding  of America's post war intentions.


As Steven says in the interview , "The Nazis may have lost the first battle but, boy, that doesn't mean that all the Nazi ideas, forms and spiritual forces have disappeared."







The map’s caption, "Roosevelt's

grab for world domination." The full caption reads, "Since the beginning of this war Washington has been openly striving to obtain world domination. It has strengthened its old positions on erican soil. It has stepped in wherever the power of Britain and her unfortunate allies has collapsed. In other places it has already exerted or is exerting diplomatic pressure to acquire military and economic rights. The countries and places affected are on the map."