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Steven Guth   Message Stone (The Quest)

Towards healing the holocaust's demons and scars, a "mythical" message stone facilitates insights into Nazi spirituality... Steven Guth introduces his quest for understanding. The first video made by

The Menorah, The Swastika and The Cross

For healing personally, re the Holocaust, a German-Jewish-Aryan-Catholic finds meditations for answering questions of the turmoil and feelings relating to the times and horror of the Nazis, their cult and...How and why did it happen?

Message Stone at the Australian War Memorial

A personal quest to understand how and why people who seem to be...who are... like us and anybody else... can go to war and cause Hell.

Message Stone at Barwang Rocks Australia

Australian Aboriginal Spiritual Magic links with Abramelin Channeling. A physical object helps as a personal key to other dimensions. Steven Guth describes finding another Message Stone. Experimental didgeridoo music, with variable pitch from a fixed-length tube, accompanies very quietly.  A similar rock phenomena, in Western Australia, has recently been closed to the public; it's a very sacred site.

Message Stone   Abramelin at Parliament House

Power and control politics need compassion and traditional faith, with real magic, to allow masters to be leaders. A character from the Message Stone books comes to life in Parliament House Australia, and wants help getting spirits to "open doors" for it!  The background sounds are the gentle rain on the roof, during the voice recording.

The Wand Of Abramelin

Two old friends discuss Abramelin-Egyptian spirituality while cutting and collecting fire-wood in the Australian outback. Steven Guth quietly voices concepts and practicalities using ancient magic, wands and rituals.  There's no background music. We thought about adding a didgeridoo for continuity; but the similarities with a chain-saw are unfavorable. And the concepts, sub-text and visual imagery are enough on their own.

Videos by Steven Guth & David Beale

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Steven Guth    Message Stone


Menorah, Swastika and Cross


Message-Stone at the Australian War Memorial


Message-Stone at Barwang Rocks Australia

Message Stone   Abramelin


The Wand Of Abramelin

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